Goodbye College Football, it’s been fun

You ever say something and hope like crazy you will be wrong, that is exactly how I feel today, the only problem is, I may indeed be right. I’m not here to toot my own horn, but what is happening in college football right now, was as predictable as day turning into night.

The name, image and likeness circus that is taking place right now is going to kill college football, in fact right now the patient is in the hospital and needs treatment asap!
Stories of players threatening to transfer if they don’t get paid millions are beginning to surface again and again. The greed is beginning to consume players not wanting to wait for the NFL to get paid. Granted, I know that all the players involved will not play in the NFL and I am not opposed to players getting some sort of pay, but allowing players to hold Coaches and Universities hostage  for millions of dollars has got to stop.
But it’s not just the players, boosters are just as responsible for this circus. The allure of paying for college football super teams is just too hard to resist. Remember the movie Wall Street  with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? Gordon Gekko tells Bud Fox that ” greed is good.” That didn’t work out too well for Gekko and it will ultimately not work out for college football.
Someone needs to lead on this issue, the NCAA is a mess so don’t rely on that organization. So who will it be? Who will save one of the greatest games of all time?
Because I believe if something is not done soon, say goodbye to college football, it’s been fun.
– Joe Reinagel