CBS sports guy Jim Nantz has made the term “a win for the ages” a special moment for wins that just seem to mean a bit more than others. Today, we all had a win for the ages. Whether you are a golf fan or not, today’s return for the great Tiger Woods is a win for all of us.

There is no way Tiger should be playing golf, much press doing it on the biggest stage.But today Tiger Woods teed off at Augusta National. A little over a year ago, Tiger didn’t know if he would ever walk again after a horrible car accident outside of Los Angeles. But today he walked onto the first tee at the Masters and hit one straight down the middle.
The crowds following Tiger are massive, the roar is thunderous and the moment is special. Whether Tiger ends up at the top of the leaderboard on Sunday remains to be seen, but today he won and so did all of us.
We tend to label athletes as superstars, some as goats, but truly special athletes are rare. Today we were all witness to Tiger Woods greatness, drive, determination and heart.
Today we all had a “win for the ages”
– Joe Reinagel