As NFL Free Agency begins, Jason Minnix says give the Cowboys credit for what they have already done.

By Jason Minnix

Give Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys front office credit.

On Monday, the first day of the legal tampering period, the Cowboys were quiet and the shots at the Cowboys for doing nothing were coming from all angles. The best one I saw was the Cowboys had signed zero players for zero years for zero guaranteed money. It’s what the Cowboys do during free agency.

They had a great Tuesday yesterday heading into todays official free agency period beginning at 3p.

Getting Donovan Wilson and Leighton Vander Esch back is huge. The trade for Stephon Gilmore is massive – and for a fifth round pick? Give the front office credit – nobody saw that coming and that defense just got that much better with the addition of a Super Bowl Champ and former DPOY.

Jerry said at the combine in Indy to not dismiss the Cowboys adding a big time veteran player that is the right fit…not sure if Gilmore is who he is referring to, but it fits.

All off season we have talked about the Cowboys getting more weapons for Dak Prescott and as free agency gets going, Dallas has focused on the defense.

Sure, Tony Pollard got the tag and Terrence Steele got the second round tender offer but not many of us thought the Cowboys would keep both Wilson and LVE.

I still want the Cowboys to add a wide receiver (TRADE FOR HOPKINS) but as free agency begins, you can adjust your draft board for Dallas – they won’t need to take a defensive back or linebacker in the first three rounds.

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