Did Billy Hoyle really have hops? Could Jimmy Chitwood shoot like that for real?
I love sports movies. I don’t like sports in movies. Does that make sense? I’ve been watching the HBO Max series Winning Time. It’s the back story behind the early Magic Johnson Showtime years. The plot is fairly common knowledge. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that I enjoy; The “acted” games and practices leave so much to desired,  What’s the best portrayal of in-game action in any sports’ based movie. Hoosiers has the right feal but really didn’t execute, The fictional Jimmy Chitwood had nice shooting form, but I doubt he had game. Billy Hoyle was a White Guy that could kinda maybe jump. Jesus Shuttlesworth had game for real, Ray Allen brought legitimacy but the game action just didn’t work for me. Here’s a few of my favorites, What are yours?
He Got Game, Above The Rim, White Men Can’t Jump, Coach Carter, One on One, Blue Chips, Glory Road, One on One, The White Shadow,