“Draft Day” is the best bad sports movie of all-time

Kevin Costner forever deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sports movies. “Field of Dreams” and “Bull Durham” are all-time classics. “Tin Cup” had its quotable moments. But for some reason, it seems sports fans are divided when it comes to Costner’s 2014 movie “Draft Day.”

Is the movie good? Is it bad? Honestly, it’s both. “Draft Day” is the best bad movie of all-time. Or, it could be considered the worst good movie of all-time.

Movie Critics on Rotten Tomatoes rate the movie at 60% Fresh, which is the lowest good score offered. Anything rated 59% or worse is considered “Rotten.”

In “Draft Day,” Costner stars as Sonny Weaver, Jr. – General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. He wants to move up in the draft to pick a franchise quarterback. Jennifer Garner also stars as Ali Parker, a salary cap expert who is Sonny’s secret girlfriend.

There is absolute chaos within the Browns organization as Costner’s character trades away 3 first round draft picks. This upsets the team’s head coach who then threatens to quit. Weaver disagrees with the team’s owner as to who to draft. Weaver’s confidence in the can’t-miss quarterback begins to decline after he receives questionable last-minute reports about the QB’s character.

At face value, “Draft Day” has a plot that most sports fans should enjoy. There’s just something about the movie that is off. I don’t believe in Jennifer Garner’s character. Comedian Denis Leary isn’t believable as a football head coach, either. Fortunately, Costner’s performance saves the movie, along with a character played by the late Chadwick Boseman.

Coincidentally, art imitated reality. The real Cleveland Browns experienced a crazy 2014 NFL Draft with multiple first round draft picks, one of them becoming QB Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M.

You can stream “Draft Day” on Amazon Prime. I’m not saying it’s a good movie. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie. It’s just a fitting one to watch to get in the mood before tonight’s NFL Draft.