While NFL teams were busy lining up free-agent acquisitions and executing blockbuster trades, former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jason Hatcher was busy burning bridges.

In a wild interview with a Dallas radio station, Hatcher had some stunning things to say, from calling former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo a bad leader to suggesting that current Cowboys coach Jason Garrett sabotaged former coach Wade Phillips’ chances at success in Dallas.

There’s a lot to process.

While criticizing Romo, Hatcher praised current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

“Romo didn’t have the it factor to make people around him better. I think when I was there he thought he was bigger than the team. It was like Romo and then the team. Like nobody in the locker room is really going to respect you like that,” Hatcher said on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan. “I really don’t respect him as a player based on what he did to the team where a lot of people didn’t see.

“He was a great player and got all the numbers and stuff but I’ll take Dak over Romo any day because Dak has the ability to make people around him better. You’ll run through a wall for Dak but Romo, hell no.”

Hatcher wasn’t done.

“Romo was feeling like he was a Brett Favre and I’m like ‘dude, you ain’t do nothing. What have you done? You got your own space that you leave … don’t come in the locker room and interact with your teammates, but you call yourself a leader? Nah, partner. It don’t work like that,’ ” Hatcher said. “He’s got great numbers but he’s had so many opportunities. Like if I was a GM, Romo do not have the ability to make people around him want to play for him.”

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Hatcher — who played eight seasons (2006-2013) with the Cowboys before finishing his career with the Washington Redskins — then took aim at Garrett.

In 2010, the Cowboys started the season 1-7, and the final straw for owner Jerry Jones was a 45-7 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers on “Sunday Night Football.” After the game, Jones fired Phillips and inserted then-offensive coordinator Garrett as interim head coach. That whole situation didn’t sit well with Hatcher.

“Let me tell you something. Now I’m going to tell you the truth. I saw Jason Garrett sabotage (Phillips),” Hatcher said.

He continued: “When you know the truth and what’s going on. You’re like ‘why the hell are we running three plays on offense?’ And then, to know the truth after Wade get fired, you open up the playbook and we start scoring points?”

The Cowboys finished the 2010 season by winning five of their last eight games, finishing 6-10 in a season in which Romo played in just six games before suffering a broken clavicle.



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