Friday’s Are Supposed to Be Sacred

As I sit and make our high school football broadcast schedule for 2022 (we will release here soon), the number of college football games that are on Friday nights bothers me.

Friday nights are sacred. They should be reserved for high school football.

Because of TV, UTSA will have two Friday night games this upcoming season, fortunately both are on the road. At least local fans can go to their high school game and keep up with the Roadrunners on their phone, and not have to decide between going to a UTSA game at the dome or the high school game on the schedule.

I get that any national TV game for a college like UTSA is a great thing for the university but we already get those small conference TV games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights

I don’t mind Thursday college games and of course love my college football Saturdays, but leave Friday nights for High School football.

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