Goodbye Becky

And just like that, Becky Hammon is gone.

Not sure what I was expecting, but this is not how I expected Becky’s time with the Spurs to end. We all knew she would be leaving at the end of the season to become the Head Coach of the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA.

I guess end of season meant end of the regular season not when the Spurs season ended, which it did Wednesday night in New Orleans.

Before the Play-In game against the Pelicans, Gregg Popovich told reporters that Becky had left the team to prepare for the WNBA training camp.

“She had to go,” Popovich said according to the San Antonio Express-News. “They had the draft on Monday and camp is going to start. She has to get ready. That’s not a good thing for us.”

She was a star player in San Antonio in the WNBA and it was a history making hire when Pop added her to the staff in 2014. While the timing makes sense for her new job, it just doesn’t feel right that after all Becky has done in San Antonio that the Spurs didn’t even send out a press release or orchestrate a press conference.

No good bye for Becky – more like an Irish good bye, which as I type this, is kinda the Spurs way.

-@JasonMinnix on Twitter