Iconic Eats

Recently, Jason Minnix and I filled in for Michael Jimenez on Halftime and got into a conversation about iconic places to eat in San Antonio. What surprised me is the number of places I had never heard of, much less visited.

Places like Big Lou’s Pizza or The Lord’s Kitchen or a place called Diane’s burgers. I had never heard of any of these places, but apparently they are all well known. Then there are those places that I have heard of but never visited, like Fred’s Fish Fry, a place that in many ways is a symbol of San Antonio.
People talk about the Mexican food restaurants in this city and rightly so, it is the home of great Mexican food. But there are so many other options, like Longhorn Cafe, one of the best chicken fried steaks I have ever had, not to mention great burgers.  Acadiana Cafe comes to mind as well as does Florio’s Pizza, Aldo’s and Paesanos and the list goes on and on and on.
The point of this article is to say we need to venture out a little  more, I certainly do, get out of our comfort zone and explore this great city of ours. And the sooner the better, I’m getting hungry!
Bon appétit!!
Joe Reinagel