The topic has come up many times over the years, when will Gregg Popovich call it a career? Many thought he would ride off into the sunset after the Olympic games which is why the topic is trending now.

Pop and the Spurs are in play- in tournament, the season  could end after one game or perhaps continue on for a few more. So is this the end? I don’t think so, I think Pop has a re-newed interest in coaching with this young group of players, not to mention the draft capital and money the Spurs have to work with this off season.
But certainly he has nothing to prove, he is a hall of famer, he is the best coach in NBA history, and he has a tree of coaches that he has groomed and are having a great deal of success across the NBA.
The Spurs re-build is in full swing and I believe the master carpenter will stick around until the job is done.
– Joe Reinagel