NBA Playoff Time

The NBA playoffs get going this weekend and for the third straight year, the Spurs aren’t a playoff team – so whom are you rooting for? Admittedly, it is fun when you can watch stress free but we all jump on a bandwagon when our team is out. Who is your adopted team for the postseason?

I would love to jump on the Memphis bandwagon and would not be surprised if they made the Finals (and that first round series with Minnesota is going to be wild). I love Ja Morant and the Grit and Grind Grizzlies but I am on the Phoenix Suns bandwagon for this playoff run.

Yes, it is easy to jump on the No. 1 seed – but I was on the Phoenix bandwagon last year – I am a huge fan of Monty Williams and Devin Booker. I like the way Phoenix plays and while they came up short last year, the drive of this Phoenix team reminds me of the drive the Spurs had in 2014.

On a personal side, my mom grew up in Phoenix. My cousins are all Suns fans, including my cousin Michael who has been a fan since 1969 and has one of the more incredible Suns memorabilia collections dating back to those early days. Most of the conversations are about the Suns and Spurs. I want him to experience the joy we in San Antonio have experienced five times.

While I am here – might as well get my first round series picks documented –

In the West,

Phoenix over (I am guessing New Orleans but it doesn’t matter) in 5

Memphis over Minnesota in 6

Golden State over Denver in 6 with or without Steph

Utah over Dallas in 6 if Luka can’t go

In the East,

Miami over (I am guessing Atlanta) in 5

Brooklyn-Boston will be worthy of the conference finals – Nets in 7

Milwaukee over Chicago in 5

Philly over Toronto in 6

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