By Jason Minnix


Finally Opening Day has arrived. My Astros shirt is on and I am ready to go…sort of.

Growing up, I would be glued to the TV for whatever game was on and I would listen to Milo Hamilton on radio on the call of the Astros game.

As I got older, Opening Day would be a vacation day –either to watch on TV or road trip to Houston or Arlington. If it was an option, I would lobby the boss to pre-empt the show and carry what ESPN Radio was offering so I didn’t have to burn a vacation day.

What is your excitement level for Opening Day 2022?

For me, lukewarm. Manufactured excitement. Maybe it’s the lockout and late start. Maybe it’s because I have other things planned and baseball has moved down my priority list.

We are broadcasting live today 4-7p at A Taste of The Northside – my favorite Fiesta event. The Astros play at 8:30p. I am sure I will check my phone for scores but I have zero plans of leaving early to get home to see Ohtani throw out the first pitch. With the game in LA, I may be home in time to see the end of the game.

Maybe it’s The Masters and Tiger…the Cubs and Brewers start at 1:20…Tiger will be on the course and I will be watching Tiger.

Friday night I will be at the Fiesta FitFest event at UTSA for the Jack Ingram concert. I will hear the beginning of the Rangers seasoning opening game on San Antonio Sports Star as I head over.

On the weekend, it’s the Masters.

MLB is starting late on us…and it turns out, I am starting late on MLB.

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