Root for Laundry not Players

I just got off the phone with a friend who is mad as hell. He is a San Francisco 49ers fan. According to reports, Deebo Samuel has requested a trade as the wild NFL off-season continues.

While my friend is upset that a weapon like Deebo wants out, what really has him pissed is he paid a couple hundred dollars for a Deebo jersey in January and wore it to the Cowboys-Niners playoff game in Dallas.

I laughed at him and reminded him of the “we root for laundry” approach. We root more for the jersey than the player wearing the jersey. As fans, we love a player when he is wearing the logo of OUR team. If he changes teams…

While I have bought jerseys of current players in the past and been burnt by that, I have a personal policy that I only buy jerseys of legends for my teams. Give me a Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Randy White or Michael Irvin jersey before a Dak, Zeke or Lamb jersey.

During the Astros World Series run, I almost bought a Carlos Correa jersey…glad I didn’t.

While we love the players on our team, we love our teams more. We root for laundry above all else.

How many jerseys do you have in the closet that you won’t wear anymore because that player changed teams? Let me know on Twitter @JasonMinnix.

  • Jason Minnix