It’s time to put some respect on Kevin Durant’s 2 titles he won at Golden State. Injuries are a part of sports and with that said the Warriors haven’t even come close to the finals since Durant left. The title they won before he got there, while a legit title, they definitely caught some breaks but as I stated earlier injuries are a part of sports. If the Warriors are not in the finals over the next 3 seasons including this one the value of Durant’s 2 titles in the Bay should go through the roof. Because we don’t like him as a person we don’t judge his greatness fairly AT ALL. The fact of the matter is he’s one of the most unstoppable scorers the game has ever seen and he’s a great teammate and always willing to share the spotlight. Steph and the Warriors haven’t been the same without him and neither has OKC. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the post KD Warriors and continue to bang this drum even if I’m the only one dancing to it. This has been a Cigar Chronicle brought to you by Rudy Jay.

Peace and Love.