Spurs Season a Success

By Jason Minnix

A couple of days ago on Spurs Television, Pop leaned into the camera and told Michelle Beadle the Spurs are probably not going to win a championship this year.

He is right. And while we have been spoiled in San Antonio with a trophy as the standard for defining a successful season, those days are gone.

Today, before the end of the regular season, this season has been successful for the San Antonio Spurs. They clinched a spot in the play in tournament with an unlikely win over the Nuggets coupled with the Lakers getting blown out in Phoenix.

I have said for weeks on The Blitz that the Spurs would make at least the 10th seed because the Lakers were in a tailspin. LA is 4 and 17 since the All-Star break and officially eliminated.

This Spurs team has been playing great. They have won 8 of 10 and five straight on the road.

I said on The Blitz at the beginning of the season that this year would be defined as successful if we saw them making major improvements throughout the year. They have and we have all seen it.

Last night’s game in Denver is a prime example. They played great ball in 3 of the 4 quarters. They followed a brilliant second quarter with a dud of a third. Denver got within single digits early in the 4th. Earlier this season, the Spurs would have lost that game. Last night, they pulled away in the final quarter and got the win…without their best player.

Regardless of what happens in the play-in, this has been a successful season. The off-season for the front office is key as they build around this young core to capitalize on the growth this group has had.

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