SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A state lawmaker from Fredericksburg has introduced a bill that would stop the City of San Antonio from moving the Cenotaph.

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann tells KTSA’s Jack Riccardi that his bill would stop the city’s lease and stop the movement of the Cenotaph.

He says if the city’s lease isn’t stopped, there is nothing they can do to prevent the Cenotaph from being moved.

Biedermann says if lawmakers don’t act in this session, there’s nothing they can do to keep the reverence and the prominence on that site.

“We are all in favor of repairs to the Alamo Church, the long barracks, the museum and a visitors center to give a better experience in, what happened at the battle. But on the battlefield, on the Alamo footprint, they want to have 10,000 years of history, the quote, ‘whole story,’ as we’re told by the City of San Antonio. So, 10,000 years of history with just a blip on the battle….doesn’t really do justice to the Alamo. The battle is why people come to see it.”

Biedermann says the master plan is a beautiful park but the Alamo is not a park.

“It’s a total shame, a travesty, what the City of San Antonio wants to do.”