That moment I found out Dejounte Murray might not like me

Dejounte Murray does not like me. Or, at least my posts. I am getting that feeling after finding out the Spurs All-Star blocked me on Twitter. I discovered this Thursday night when people started sharing a post Dejounte made featuring a photoshopped photo of free agent Zach Lavine wearing a Spurs uniform. I quickly turned to Twitter to see if the post was true. That’s when I read in bold, @DejounteMurray blocked you

This is so weird, considering I am a lifelong Spurs fan. I vividly remember the days before the five championship rings when my dad would take me to Hemisfair Arena to watch the Spurs lose year after year. The Spurs’ fortune changed when the team won the lotteries to draft David Robinson and Tim Duncan. The Spurs selected Sean Elliott, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker along the way. Good and bad, I enjoyed every moment of that 30-year run.

Since then, the Spurs have experienced three consecutive losing seasons. This year, the team generated some excitement by making the play-in tournament (which I am not a big fan of. You either make the playoffs or you don’t, in my opinion). I have been critical of the team because of various free agency moves, and most recently the 2019 drafting of Luka Samanic (I was against it from the get-go). I have also been critical of Derrick White’s play prior to his trade to the Boston Celtics.

I am sure there are many reasons why Dejounte may have been upset by my opinions. One thing I know for sure: I have never tagged Dejounte in a negative tweet. If he saw something he did not like, it’s probably because he searched for it himself. Or, others tagged him in a Twitter thread. Maybe Murray listened to Halftime and did not like what I had to say. The weird thing is – I have gone on record recently supporting Dejounte’s all-star bid and advocating for him to win Most Improved Player of the Year.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if Dejounte Murray likes me or not. This is a strange badge of honor for me. I am not mad that he blocked me on Twitter. He apparently does this to others, too. Dejounte can block whomever he wants on social media. Doing so does not make him a bad person. And, my criticism of the Spurs does not make me any less of a fan. I will continue cheering for Dejounte Murray. Why? Because I’ve loved the Spurs since I was a child… and will continue to cheer for them long after Dejounte retires.

  • Michael Jimenez