The Only Winning the Lakers Are Doing This Year

If you haven’t been watching Winning Time on HBO, you are missing out.

Based on the book “Showtime” by Jeff Pearlman, the series does take some Hollywood liberties but it’s a fun look back at the NBA and the beginning of the Lakers dynasty when Dr. Jerry Buss bought the team and drafted Magic Johnson.

Saturday night during the game against Golden State, the Spurs honored the legendary Red McCombs. It was good to see him – I have not seen Red in person since before the COVID shut down and that was at a San Antonio Commanders practice. My last real conversation with Red was at a SA Quarterback Club meeting in 2018.

But seeing Red, at 94, at the game and the video that the Spurs produced got me to thinking how good a series, or documentary, on the Spurs would be. We have all heard the crazy stories about Red, Angelo Droses and those early Spurs days.

I know there are some books on the history of the Spurs…but I want a series like what we are seeing on LA.