This is Your Chance, Take It…Watch Hockey

The NBA has no playoff games on the schedule tonight. The Astros do play but the Rangers are off.

If you are not out celebrating Cinco de Mayo, enjoy some ice time at the house – watch some playoff hockey. I know I am in the minority when it comes to hockey in San Antonio, but the Stanley Cup playoffs are incredible.

I know hockey is not the best TV sport – especially if you are not a regular watcher and have trouble anticipating where the puck is going to go – but tonight is a night to give it a chance. You can finish Ozark another night.

Need a team to root for – stay Texan – the Dallas Stars play game 2 against Calgary tonight at 9p on TBS. The Flames are the far better team but Dallas was gritty in game 1, losing 1-0 and the Stars are the kind of team that can pull off the upset over a team many think will hoist the Cup at the end.

Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers played a triple overtime thriller in game 1. They have game 2 tonight at 6 on TBS.

Washington and Florida play game 2 at 6:30 on TBS and Nashville plays game 2 at Colorado at 8:30 on TNT.

If you want to bandwagon a team that has a chance to win it all…Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames or the Florida Panthers. Tampa Bay has won the last two Cups, but I don’t think they have a three-peat in them.

Tweet me your thoughts @JasonMinnix. We probably won’t be talking hockey on The Blitz weekdays 4-7p

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