Wide Receivers are the new “Left Tackles” on the NFL pay scale. Why?

Wide Receivers pay has ascended to Left Tackle plateau on the NFL pay scale. The $20 million a year club is growing by the day. I was taught way back when that  a resource’s scarcity creates a natural value.  Is there a “bubble” in the making on the receiver market. Here’s a few numbers on WR’s from past NFL drafts.

Most in 1st round: 7 in 2004 | fewest in 1st round: 0, last in 2008
Most in 7-round draft (since 1994): 36 in 2003, 2020 & 2021 | fewest in 7-round draft: 25 in 1997
Five wideouts were selected in the 1st round a year ago. The 1st WR off the board – LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase went 5th overall to the Bengals and became the 1st wide receiver to win the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Yearaward since Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014. LINK
Three WR went among the top-10 picks a year ago, tying for the most in the top-10 of the Common Draft era (done 6 times). It was a notable shift from the previous 3 drafts, when not a single WR was selected among the top-10 picks.
For a second-straight year, 36 wide receivers were selected throughout the draft, tying for the most in a 7-round draft (since 1994). Only 2 of the last 10 drafts have seen fewer than 30 wideouts picked (27 in 2019 and 29 in 2013).