You Don’t Know What You’ve Go Til It’s Gone

Wednesday night, San Antonio FC scored a huge win over Austin FC of the MLS.

Thursday afternoon, Sophia Young-Malcom was a guest on The Blitz ahead of her induction Saturday into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame.

During the interview, Sophia said she didn’t realize the impact she had on people, on young girls during her nine-year WNBA career with the San Antonio Silver Stars.

Honestly, the impact of all those who played in the WNBA in San Antonio probably was not felt until the team left. You know the old saying, you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

We no longer have the WNBA or pro hockey in San Antonio. We do have the San Antonio Missions and San Antonio FC along with the Spurs. I hope that next year we have the XFL or USFL.

We – ME – need to do a better job of supporting what we do have. I honestly did not know San Antonio FC was playing the MLS team from Austin until the day of the game. Had I known, I would have been there. While not a big soccer fan, I always have fun when I go, which is normally a couple of games a year. And beating the team that should be in San Antonio – I wish I had witnessed that in person.

We always say support local – that includes your local teams. I have to do better.

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